Best Free Internet Options For Cable

Best free internet options for cable

Best free internet options for cable

What's the best cable internet for you? Enter your ZIP code into Wirefly's internet comparison tool to compare and find the best cable internet plans in your area.


For cable television subscribers, you can be assured that cable internet is available for you; in fact, the necessary infrastructure is already in place to provide internet service. Cable internet is widely available in major cities and surrounding areas from your local cable television provider, and can usually be purchased alone or in a bundle along with television and often voice services.

Best free internet options for cable

These bundles can help subscribers who want multiple services to save money on all of their subscribed home or business entertainment and information services through one company.

Benefits of Cable Internet

There are real advantages to using a service so widely available and standardized as cable internet.

Some of these benefits include:

  • Broad availability - Your local area determines which cable providers are available for your internet service. These providers offer a range of pricing, packages and speeds.

    Best free internet options for cable

    Throughout the United States, most towns, suburbs and cities have access to one or more cable providers that offer high-speed internet service.

  • Cost savings - Cable internet subscriptions often include promotional and introductory offers with a significant discount for up to a year of service, especially if you switch service providers to join the cable company or upgrade your existing service to add internet or a higher service tier.
  • Fast speeds - Cable speeds reach up to hundreds of megabits per second (Mbps) and wildly outstrip dial-up, often beating DSL speeds.

    Higher-end ultra-high speed services are being introduced regularly by cable internet providers.

Cable internet providers often offer a number of additional features, such as access to Wi-Fi hotspots outside your home and throughout the provider's coverage area, internet security services and identity protection services.

Selecting the Best Cable Option

When looking for the best cable internet service, consider your priorities.

You might prioritize low prices, high speeds or particular bonus features or discounts available via specific providers. You can also peruse customer and expert reviews and recommendations in order to gain a better understanding of others' experiences with the provider in question.

There are a number of bonus features often offered by cable internet providers, including:

  • Storage and email - Many internet providers offer multiple email addresses as well as cloud storage as part of your service account and without additional charges.
  • On-Demand news and movie access - Many cable providers combine their television and internet options to make their On Demand or other television programs available over their mobile app or site available to internet subscribers.
  • Self-installation options - You may be able to save money when signing up for cable internet by selecting a provider that allows you to use do-it-yourself kits to install your own service without paying an expensive installation fee.
  • Wi-Fi access and networks - Not only can you create a Wi-Fi hotspot with a wireless router in your home, many cable companies offer remote access to their Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the community via your mobile devices.

Customer Service

Cable internet connections are shared with all other cable customers in the area, so your speeds may be affected during the day, especially during peak hours, by your neighbors' internet usage.

Best free internet options for cable

While it's not nearly so detectable with today's high speeds, you may notice a difference, especially when using data-intensive services like video streaming or online gaming.


Most cable providers offer bundles at lower combined prices than single services on a standalone basis.

These bundles often include services like telephone and cable television. Often, customers can maximize their discounts by signing up for multiple services at one time and confirming a discounted promotional rate as part of your service contract.

Best free internet options for cable

As part of these bundles, cable providers will often offer VoIP phone service for your home or business, as well as television.

How to Select the Best Cable Internet Provider

When choosing the best option for you, some factors to consider include:

  • Accessibility - Cable internet is widely available throughout the United States.

    If you can access cable television, you're likely to be eligible to access cable internet.

  • Savings and affordability - Many providers offer a wide variety of plans, and higher-priced plans offer faster speeds. There are a number of promotional offers available from internet providers that can meet your needs for pricing and speed.
  • Reliability and uptime - A reliable provider with a dependable network will make your daily life a lot easier with cable internet; check reviews to make sure your internet company has a solid connection without frequent technical difficulties.

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