Binary To Bitmap Online

Binary to bitmap online

Binary to bitmap online

Now a days i am more into bitmaps and its conversion. This time i would like to convert my bitmap image to binary values (1,1,0,0,....,0,1,1).

I tried the below code snippet, with the help of some googling.

I am using the monochrome bitmap image to get the binary data.

Representing Images in Binary

The code looks perfect for me, but when i try to print the image with one of the API i am not able see the exact image.

I would like to confirm that, is this above code is fine enough.

Binary to bitmap online

If yes, probably i am making mistake in further processing of that binary data.

Please help me in doing so.

Reason For fetching the binary data for a bitmap: I have an API to use, which expects binary data of an image as input. Now i am getting some wrong results.

Binary to bitmap online

Just need to check the inputs are correct or not?

asked Jul 23 '13 at 14:15

siva Rapolusiva Rapolu

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