Need A Car For A Month Best Options

Need a car for a month best options

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Re: Need a car for aprox. 4 months - Options?

Well thanks for all the tips so far.

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I've also continued my own research and found a German site that has pretty decent prices on car rentals. I'd pay between $3,700 and $4,700 from 5/18 to 9/28 depending on the type of car.

Need a car for a month best options

This price includes comprehensive insurance (CDW, Theft, Liability up to $10mio...) and as far as I can tell there are no restrictions on where I can take the car.

Considering the insurance and that I'd be able to get a "fullsize" car in good condition and wouldn't have to worry about the car breaking down on me, this might actually be the best option.

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The one thing kinda bothering me about all this is the "exchange cars after 30 days thing". It doesn't mention anything like that on the german website though. I guess, I'll call them up today or tomorrow and ask about that.

Since I'll start and end my trip close to Seattle, WA Carmax is kinda out, because they don't have locations in WA.

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But I'm assuming there would be similar car dealerships near Seattle!?

I'll still look into swapalease and leasetrader, but my current feeling is, that it won't be worth the hussle.

Could somebody give me a ballpark guess of what it'd cost me to buy and sell a car comparable to a "fullsize" (example models are toyota tercel, dodge caliber or chevy cobalt) including reasonable insurance coverage and stuff?

I really don't think buying a car in the $2,000 range as PokerSpiv suggested is an option for me.

Need a car for a month best options

Even though that would obviously be cheaper than any of the other options. I just wouldn't trust a car that cheap to survie the 10,000 to 15,000 miles I plan on driving during my trip.

Need a car for a month best options