Acm Research Inc Ipo

Acm research inc ipo

Acm research inc ipo


ACM Research, Inc. has completed an IPO and has been listed on NASDAQ

ACM Research, Inc.(ACM) has been listed on NASDAQ through an IPO to enhance its brand image, solidify IP protection and function as a global platform for future acquisitions.

ACM Research, Inc.

Acm research inc ipo

develops, manufactures, and sells single-wafer wet cleaning equipment for enhancing the manufacturing process and yield for integrated chips worldwide. The company's Ultra C equipment is designed to remove random defects from a wafer surface effectively, without damaging a wafer or its features, even at an increasingly advanced process node (the minimum line width on a chip) of 22 nanometers, or less. ACM's equipment is based on its innovative proprietary Space Alternated Phase Shift (SAPS) and Timely Energized Bubble Oscillation (TEBO) technologies.

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ACM developed proprietary technologies to enable manufacturers to produce chips that reach their ultimate physical limitations while maintaining product yield, which is the percentage of chips on a wafer that meet manufacturing specifications. The company, founded in 1998 and headquartered in Fremont, California, markets and sells its products through direct sales force and third-party representatives.

Oaklins' team in Shanghai assisted ACM's management team and shareholders through the whole process to the successful completion of an IPO and subsequent listing on NASDAQ.