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Avast metcalf bloombergquint ipo

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Maggie Haberman / @maggienyt:   Hope Hicks departure is NOT about yesterday's hearing, per multiple sources. She had planned it before, had been thinking about it for months.

Avast metcalf bloombergquint ipo

She had informed a very small number of people prior to Hill hearing that she planned to leave.

Paul Farhi / @farhip:   Interestingly, @CNN has lots and lots of photos of Hicks—and zero soundbites.

It's almost as if the White House communications director didn't communicate much outside the White House.

Itay Hod / The Wrap:   What's Next for Hope Hicks? Top Hollywood Crisis Managers Have a Few Ideas

Josh Feldman / Mediaite:   Fox News' Jesse Watters on Hope Hicks Leaving: ‘Disappointing Day’ for White House

Clio Chang / Splinter:   Hope, You Had the Time of Your Life

Anne Helen Petersen / @annehelen:   “She told colleagues that she had accomplished what she felt she could with a job that made her one of the most powerful people in Washington” https://twitter.com/...

Washington Post:   Trump aide Hope Hicks to resign amid personal tumult and Russia probe

Kellyanne Conway / @kellyannepolls:   I love you and will miss you, Hope Hicks.

Betsy Klein / CNN:   The White House chief calligrapher has a higher clearance than Jared Kushner

Emily Jane Fox / Vanity Fair:   “She Is Like a Security Blanket”: Hope Hicks, the Linus of the West Wing, Delivers a Devastating Blow to Trump

Christian Datoc / The Daily Caller:   Top White House Staff React In Apparent Disbelief To Hope Hicks Resignation

Bernie Dennler / 50 States of Blue:   From Hope Hicks to Michael Flynn: A year of Trump hires who didn't work out

Ted Johnson / Variety:   Hope Hicks to Resign as White House Communications Director

The Daily Beast:   Hope Hicks Is Leaving the White House, Depriving Donald Trump of His Most Loyal Soldier

Kevin Drum / Mother Jones:   Hope Hicks Is the Latest Trump Aide to Abandon a Sinking Ship

Ben Mathis-Lilley / Slate:   Hope Hicks Is Resigning From the White House Communications Job She's Only Held Since September

John Santucci / ABC News:   White House communications director Hope Hicks to resign

Chris Ariens / TVNewser:   Hope Hicks Resigns As White House Communications Director

Andréa López / @bluechoochoo:   This type of scoopy article will get updated ALL DAY, likely w/things that make you go, “oh.

that makes sense.” You can track changes here: http://newsdiffs.org/...

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Allie Fasanella / Footwear News:   Hope Hicks Resigns From White House, But Made a Stylish Arrival in a Mini Coatdress and Pumps for Russia Investigation

Haley Britzky / Axios:   Trump's revolving door of communications directors

Kevin S.

Held / FOX2now.com:   Hope Hicks is resigning from the White House

Cindyvonquednowktla / KTLA:   White House Communications Director Hope Hicks Is Resigning Following Congressional Testimony

Brian Stelter / @brianstelter:   For the president, “this is like losing a member of the family over here at the White House,” @Acosta says

Sarah Kendzior / @sarahkendzior:   Hope Hicks resignation happens on the same day as that of Josh Raffel, who has long been linked to Hicks and did Ivanka and Jared's PR.

Avast metcalf bloombergquint ipo

Background: https://www.google.com/... feed.com/amphtml/stevenperlberg/ behind-the-jared-and-ivanka-pr- machine ... pic.twitter.com/AfgtY15wWJ

Damon Young / The Root:   The Trump White House Is Love & Hip Hop For Terrible White People (and Ben Carson)

Shane Goldmacher / @shanegoldmacher:   The people named White House communications director under Trump: Jason Miller (withdrew pre-inauguration) Sean Spicer Mike Dubke Spicer (again) Anthony Scaramucci Hope Hicks Trump has been president for 13 months.

Ryan Teague Beckwith / @ryanbeckwith:   For the record, Hicks lasted 40.4 Scaramuccis.

Samantha Wilson / Hollywood Life:   Hope Hicks Shockingly Resigns As White House Communications Director

Brian Stelter / @brianstelter:   Hicks never gave a TV interview.

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Or a radio interview. Or web video.

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Or http://twitter.com/...

Paul Kane / @pkcapitol:   WH comms director, it's like being the drummer in Spinal Tap. Jason Miller Spicer Dubke Mooch Hope All held title. Am I missing anyone?

Refinery29:   Hope Hicks Is Leaving The White House

Lizzie Manno / Paste - Recently Added:   According to the New York Times, White House communications …

Kirsten Korosec / Fortune:   Hope Hicks, Key Member of Donald Trump's Inner Circle, Is Leaving

Jezebel:   Hope Floats  —  Hope Hicks, White House communications director …

Adam K.

Avast metcalf bloombergquint ipo

Raymond / thecut:   Hope Hicks Is Resigning From the White House

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