Canadian Steel Co Ipo

Canadian steel co ipo

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A Story of Perseverance

Breaking new ground has never been an easy job, but it’s a challenge Stelco’s men and women have pursued with pride for more than a century. Through over 100 years of manufacturing innovative steel products in Canada, our people have staked their reputation on helping to build a nation where quality matters.

Driven by the strength of the communities where we operate, and the superior standards of the customers we serve, the new Stelco faces the future as an independent Canadian steel company, home to the most highly skilled, innovative, forward thinking and environmentally responsible employees in the world.

Stelco understands that twenty-first century competition demands the highest quality products, period.

We’re bringing together the people, technology, and unmatched market knowledge to, once again, take on that challenge from here at home.

Canadian steel co ipo