Check Sis Ipo Status

Check sis ipo status


SIS IPO allotment status will be available soon.

Check sis ipo status

The IPO allotment is expected to take place within 6 working days from the closing of the issue on August 2nd. The allotment status should be available by August 9th and it should start trading from August 11th.

Once the issue is allotted you can check the status here just by providing your PAN card number, application number of Client ID.

Check sis ipo status

Just select the option of Application Status, from the drop down select SIS IPO and check by providing your PAN Card Details.

The link is slow as lot of people are trying to access it.

Please be patient and wait for it to open.

Check SIS IPO application status

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Do check this page again once the Allotment is done.

Check sis ipo status

You can check the status just by your PAN card number, Application number or DP ID/Client ID of the applicant.

Note: The SIS IPO allotment is at the sole discretion of Registrar of the company.


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