Elanor Investors Group Ipo

Elanor investors group ipo

Established in 2009, Elanor Investors Group (“Elanor” or "Group”) is an ASX listed (ASX:ENN) Australian real estate investment and funds management business.  The Group now manages over $1.5 billion of assets across Australia and New Zealand. 

The key strategic objective of the Group is to identify and originate real estate backed investments that deliver strong returns for both Elanor’s funds management capital partners and Elanor security holders. 

Elanor’s investment focus is on acquiring and unlocking value in assets that provide strong income and high quality capital growth potential.

Acquisition opportunities are evaluated through a value and risk management lens.

Elanor Investors Group discusses H1 2016 results

Elanor's highly active approach to asset management is underpinned with urgency and an acute focus on delivering investment performance. The Group seeks to co-invest with its funds management capital partners for both strategic and alignment purposes. The Group also originates and holds investments on balance sheet to provide opportunities for future co-investment by Elanor’s capital partners. 

Elanor Investors Group’s key investment sector focuses are the commercial real estate,  retail real estate and the hotels, tourism and leisure sectors.

Elanor's operating divisions comprise:

Funds Management

The Group’s key strategic objective is to grow the funds management business by identifying and originating investments that deliver strong performance for its capital partners. 

Elanor Investors Group has a track record of delivering strong investment performance for its capital partners and Elanor security holders. 

Real Estate

Elanor’s Real Estate Division has proven management expertise in the retail,  commercial, office and industrial sectors.

The Real Estate Divisions’ focus is to identify and originate investments that provide superior investment results through active asset management and the realisation of ‘value-add’ operational and strategic opportunities. 

Hotels, Tourism and Leisure

Elanor’s Hotels, Tourism and Leisure Division has extensive investment management expertise  in acquiring and operating real estate backed accommodation hotel and leisure investments.

Elanor investors group ipo

The Hotels, Tourism and Leisure division has a specialist asset management platform  with a  proven track record  in delivering operational performance.   

Elanor investors group ipo