Finance Phd Thesis Ipo Performance

Finance phd thesis ipo performance

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PhD Topics in Finance

PhD in finance has been the most pursued doctoral program across the globe since it surrounds the student with many potential career opportunities.

The graduates can therefore pursue career in management consulting, business development, and venture capital.

Finance phd thesis ipo performance

The degree is academically oriented which aims to instill the reflective and analytical capabilities into the student. The degree involves an extensive research and thesis, as a product of the research contributing to the academia of finance, by the end of the course.

Many students stuck at the first stage of their PhD research, that is, identification of the interest area and the topic selection. In the hunt for a best research topic in finance, students often neglect research topic which is less talked about or they choose on which many similar researches have been done.

Finance phd thesis ipo performance

In both the cases, a mediocre research and thesis is produced as the result. Choosing an untested topic and testing it with new approaches can add a significant contribution to the study.

Finance phd thesis ipo performance

For conducting an efficacious research, student must choose a topic following the 3Rs rule; reliable, refined, relevant.

The sample PhD topics in Finance provided below, formulated on the basis of this rule only:

  • Islamic and conventional banking: A comparative study in terms of market share, profitability and customer preferences
  • The role of investment banks in operationalizing the process of raising IPO for start-up organizations
  • Assessing the impact of goods and services tax on the Indian economic development
  • Investigating the awareness and impact of microfinance in developing countries: A case of small and medium enterprises
  • Impact of asset liability management and economic capital modelling on the profitability of Indian commercial banks

You can choose your research topic out of these or may request us more recommendations of PhD topics in Finance.

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Finance phd thesis ipo performance