Indiabulls Properties Investment Trust Ipo

Indiabulls properties investment trust ipo

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RE: Indiabulls Properties Investment Trust

(20-10-2012, 10:35 AM)KopiKat Wrote: They must be the first and only Trust so far who'd not delivered on the DPUs projected in their IPO prospectus. From my records, DPU forecast,

FY09 = 5.12ct (incl.

Indiabulls properties investment trust ipo

Sponsor Waiver and for the period Jun-08 to Mar-09)
FY10 = 9.82ct

Funny... no penalty from SGX?

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If so, the risk for IPO investors seems extraordinarily high....

Don't think so. No IPO has every legally bound the Trust to meet the forecast dividend.

IPO Prospectus:

None of IPIT, the Trustee-Manager, the Sponsor, the Joint Issue Managers, Financial Advisers, Bookrunners and Underwriters, or the Coordinator of the Public Offer guarantees the performance of IPIT, the repayment of capital or the payment of any distributions, or any particular return on the Common Units. The forecast and projected yields stated in the following table are calculated based on the Maximum and Minimum Offering Price and the assumption that the Listing Date is 1 April 2008.

Company News

Such yields will vary accordingly if the Listing Date is after 1 April 2008 and in relation to investors who purchase Units in the secondary market at a market price that differs from the Maximum and Minimum Offering Price.

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Indiabulls properties investment trust ipo

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Indiabulls properties investment trust ipo