Investing 1000 In Sunmicrosystems At Ipo

Investing 1000 in sunmicrosystems at ipo


Want to feel really depressed? Of course you do!

Investing 1000 in sunmicrosystems at ipo

Well, just wait until you see this data revealing how much your shares of stock in these 50-plus companies would be worth today if you had bought just $1,000 worth at their IPO.

Apple vs. Amazon.

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Facebook vs. Twitter. Google vs.

Investing 1000 in sunmicrosystems at ipo

GE. All the great stories (if you invested in them) are collected here in one chart.

The chart, created by management consulting firm Waterstone Management Group, shows just how much many of us missed our rides on the financial gravy train.

For example, had you bought $1,000 worth of Amazon stock in 1997, you’d earn almost 100X your initial investment and be sitting on a comfortable $972,653.

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Had you sunk the same amount into Tesla, you’d now have $19,335—impressive, considering it’s been less than ten years since the company went public.

Unfortunately, tech companies can also be infamously volatile. Despite the hype around gear-centered tech companies like Fitbit and GoPro, your $1,000 would be cleaved by a quarter had you bought their shares at the IPO.

The tech sector isn’t alone in being high risk, high reward, however.

Investing 1000 in sunmicrosystems at ipo

If you’d invested in Under Armour you would turned your $1,000 into $11,268 in just 13 years. And $1,000 invested in Netflix at IPO would be worth an impressive $256,331 today.

Long-term investments can also pay off handsomely.

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If you had bought stock over fifty years ago in Johnson and Johnson, Coca-Cola and Walmart your $1,000 would now be worth between $1,247,040 and $12,789,450.

So there you go. If only we had a crystal ball to tell us which company will be the next to blow up and maintain its growth for a decade or more, right?

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