Ipo 1 Fahrte Prufungsordnung

Ipo 1 fahrte prufungsordnung

AAD    Advanced Agility Dog
AADC     Advanced Agility Dog of Canada
ABST     Advanced Breed Suitability Test (USRC)
AD     12.5 mile endurance run
AD     Agility Dog
ADC     Agility Dog of Canada
ADCH      Agility Dog Champion
ADRK     Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub, Germany
AFC     Amateur Field Champion
AHBA     American Herding Breeds Association
AIRK     Alliance of Independent Rottweiler Klubs
AJP     Excellent Jumper with Weaves, Preferred
AKC     American Kennel Club
AOM     Award of Merit
ARV     American Rottweiler Verein
ATD     Advanced Trial Dog
AX     Agility Excellent
AXJ     Excellent Jumper With Weaves
AXP     Agility Excellent, Preferred

B     Begleithunde, Advanced Obedience Title, Same as BH
BAD     Beginners JFF
BAER     Brainstem Auditory Evoked Response
BAH     Signifies a Bahamian Title from the BKC
BBT     Basic Breed Test, no bite work (ARV)
BH     Begleithunde, Advanced Obedience Title
BJ     Broad Jump or Bar Jump
BHP 1     Beginning Schutzhund Equivalent
BHP 2     Intermediate Schutzhund Equivalent
BHP 3     Advanced Schutzhund Equivalent
BIH     Blindenfuhrhund, Blind Leader Dog
BISA     Awarded Best in Show at an AKC licensed All-Breed conformation show
BIS     Best In Show
BISS     Best In Specialty Show
BKC     Bahamas Kennel Club
BLH     Blindenfuhrhund, Blind Leader Dog
B/OB     Breed and Obedience offered at a show or match
BOB     Best Of Breed
BOS     Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Breed
BOSS     Best of Opposite Sex, Specialty Show
BOW     Best of Winners, the Best between the winners dog and winners bitch
BpDH1     Railway Police Dog
BpDH2     Railway Police Dog Advanced
BPIS     Best puppy in show
BS'(yr)     ADRK Bundesieger Show Winner
BJS'(yr)     ADRK Youth Bundesieger Show Winner
BST     Breed Suitability Test (USRC)

CAB 1     Beginning Schutzhund Equivalent Yugoslavia
CAB 2     Intermediate Schutzhund Equivalent Yugoslavia
CAB 3     Advanced Schutzhund Equivalent Yugoslavia
CAFC     Canadian Amateur Field Champion
CAN     Signifies a Canadian Title
CAT     Coursing Ability Test
CC     Coursing Champion
CD     Companion Dog, Advanced Obedience
CDX     Companion Dog Excellent
Cereco 1     Belgium Title
CERF     Canine Eye Registry Foundation
CFC     Canadian Field Champion
CG     Certificate of Gameness
CGC     Canine Good Citizen
CH     Conformation Champion
CHD     Canine Hip Dysplasia
CKC     Canadian Kennel Club
CKC     Continental Kennel Club (Not a recognized registry)
CM     Courser of Merit
CT     Champion Tracker

DD     Draft dog (NCA) Working certificates
DH     Service Dog
DPH     Service Police Dog
DJ     Directed Jumping
DM FH(yr)     Deutsch Meistershaft FH Champion
DM SchH(yr)     Deutsch Meistershaft Schutzhund Champion
DPO1     Diensthunde Prufungsordnung, Service Dog Beginning
DPO2     Diensthunde Prufungsordnung, Service Dog Advanced

EAC     Elite Standard Agility Title
EAC-V     Elite Standard Veterans Agility Title
EAC-JH     Elite Standard Junior Handler Agility Title
EGC     Elite Gamblers Agility Title
EGC-V     Elite Gamblers Veterans Agility Title
EGC-JH     Elite Gamblers Junior Handler Agility Title
EJC     Elite Jumpers
EJC-V     Elite Jumpers Veterans
EJC-JH     Elite Jumpers Junior Handler
ES(year)     Europa Sieger
EJS(year)     Europa Youth Sieger

FC     Field champion

Ipo 1 fahrte prufungsordnung

    Field Champion
FCI     Federation Cynologique Internationale Organization
FD     Flyball Dog
FD     Field Dog
FDJ     Field Dog Junior
FDX     Field Dog Excellent
FDX     Flyball Dog Excellent
FDCh     Flyball Dog Champion
FGDCh     Flyball Grand Champion
FH     Fahrtenhund, Advanced tracking title
FHA 1, 2 & 3     Austrian title
FH1     Advanced tracking title
FH I     Advanced tracking title
FH II     Most Advanced Tracking Title
FH2     Most Advanced Tracking Title
FM     Flyball Master
FMX     Flyball Master Excellent
FMCh     Flyball Master Champion

G     Conformation show Rating of Good
Games I, II, III     JFF Agility Titles
GDC9999E99N     GDC Elbow Certification Number
GDC9999H99N     GDC Hip Certification Number
Gekort bis (date)    Korung, Advanced Breed Test
Gekort bis EzA     Korung, Lifetime Breed Test
GM     Gambler Master Agility Title
GMHR     Grand Master Hunting Retriever

1 through 4     Conformation Group Placement

Hank vom schwarzen Bär - IPO 1 - Fährte 98 Punkte

    Grand Champion (CKC, UKC)

HC     Herding Champion
HCH     Herding Champion prefix
HCT     Herding Capable Tested
HD     Hip Dysplasia
HD-, HD+/-, HD+, HD++     European Hip Ratings
HI     Herding Intermediate
HIC     Herding Instinct Certified
HIT     High In Trial
HITs     Herding Instinct Tested in Sheep
HITd     Herding Instinct Tested in Ducks
HITg     Herding Instinct Tested in Goats
HS     Herding Started
HT     Herding Tested
HTD1     Herding Trial Dog, First Level
HTD2     Herding Trial Dog, Second Level
HTD3     Herding Trial Dog, Third Level
HX     Herding Excellent

IABCA     International All Breed Canine Association Organization
IAD     Intermediate JFF Agility Title
IFR Sgr'(yr)     IFR International Show Sieger
ILP     Indefinite Listing Privilege


Ipo 1 fahrte prufungsordnung

    International Champion
Intl. CH.

Ipo 1 fahrte prufungsordnung

    International Champion
IPO I     Beginning Level, International Schutzhund Trial Rules
IPO II     Intermediate Level, International Schutzhund Trial Rules
IPO III     Advanced Competition Level of IPO
IWR 1, 2 & 3     IPO Equivalent for Belgium
IWT 1, 2 & 3     IPO Equivalent for Africa

JC     Junior Courser
JE     Junior Earthdog
JFF     Just For Fun Agility
JH     Junior Hunter
JHD     Junior Herd Dog
JM     Jumpers Master
JWD     Junior Working Dog
JWW     Jumpers With Weaves

KKL I     (Korklasse I) Recommended for breeding
KKL II     (Korklasse II) Suitable for breeding
KJS'(yr)     ADRK Klub Sieger Show Youth Winner
Koerung     Preferred breeding status for 2 years
Korung     Preferred breeding status for 2 years
KS'(yr)     ADRK Klub Sieger Show Winner

LawH     Lawinenhung, Avalanche Dog
LBST     Lifetime Breed Suitability Test (USRC)
LCM     Lure Courser of Merit
LCM2     Lure Courser of Merit 2
Leg     A qualifying score in obedience
LP     Listing Privilege
LS     Leistungszucht, Parents and Grandparents have SchH degrees
LwH     Lawinenhung, Avalanche Dog

MACH     Master Agility Champion
MAD     Master Agility Dog
MADC     Master Agility Dog of Canada
MBAD     Mulligan Beginners JFF Agility Title
ME     Master Earthdog
MH     Master Hunter
MHR     Master Hunting Retriever
MIAD     Mulligan Intermediate JFF Agility Title
MilDh     Militar Diensthund, Military Service Dog
MJP     Master Jumper with Weaves, Preferred
MOTCh     CKC Masters Obedience Trial Champion
MSAD     Mulligan Superior JFF Agility Title
MWD     Master Working Dog
MX     Master Agility Excellent
MXJ     Master Jumper With Weaves
MXP     Master Agility Excellent, Preferred

NA     Novice Agility
NAC     Novice Standard Agility
NACA     North American Coursing Association
NACC     Coursing Champion NACA
NAC-JH     Novice Standard Junior Handler Agility
NACM     Courser of Merit
NAC-V     Novice Standard Veterans Agility
NADAC     North American Dog Agility Council
NAFC     National Amateur Field Champion
NAJ     Novice Jumper With Weaves
NAP     Novice Agility, Preferred
NAOFA     North American Open Field Association
NASA     North American Schutzhund Association
NATCh     Agility Trial Champion
NCG-JH     Novice Gamblers Junior Handler Agility
NFC     National Field Champion Hunting
NGC     Novice Gamblers Agility
NGC-V     Novice Gamblers Veterans
NJC    Novice Jumpers
NJC-JH     Novice Jumpers Junior Handler
NJC-V     Novice Jumpers Veterans
NJP     Novice Jumper with Weaves, Preferred
NOC     National Obedience Champion
NS'(yr)     Sieger/Siegerin, Winner of title at National Sieger Show
NSchHCh'(and yr)     USRC National Schutzhund Champion
NYS'(year)     Youth Sieger/Siegerin, Winner of title at National Sieger Show

O     Outstanding, prefixed to Agility Titles
OA     Open Agility
OAC     Open Standard Agility Title
OAC-JH     Open Standard Junior Handler Agility Title
OAC-V     Open Standard Veterans Agility Title
OAJ     Open Jumper With Weaves
OAP     Open Agility, Preferred
OB     Obedience
OBS'(year)     Austrian Bundesieger
OCG-JH     Open Gamblers Junior Handler Agility Title
OFA     Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
OGC     Open Gamblers Agility Title
OGC-V     Open Gamblers Veterans
OJBS'(year)     Austrian Youth Bundesieger
OJC     Open Jumpers
OJC-JH     Open Jumpers Junior Handler
OJC-V     Open Jumpers Veterans
OJP     Open Jumper with Weaves, Preferred
OKS'(year)     Austrian Klub Sieger
ONYX     Flyball Award
OS'(year)     Austrian Sieger
OTCh     Obedience Trial Champion
OTChX     CKC Obedience Trial Champion Excellent
OTD     Open Trial Dog Herding
OVC     The Ontario Veterinary College, Canadian Hip Certification Registration

PAX     Preferred Agility Champion
PCD     Pre Companion Dog
PD     Title from England
PFP 1 & 2     Police Tracking Dog
PH     Police Dog
Pink Papered     Parents & Grand Parents with SchH titles or both parents with a Korung
PM     Pairs Master Agility Title
PSP 1, 2 and 3     Polizeischutzhund, Police Protection Dog, Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced
PT     Pre-trial Tested Herding

RA     Rally Advanced
RAE     Rally Advanced Excellent
RD     Ranch Dog ASCA Herding titles
RD     Road Dog (DCA) Working certificates
RDX     Road Dog Excellent (DCA) Working certificates
RE     Rally Excellent
RH     Rettungschund, Rescue Dog
RN     Rally Novice
RO-9999/99-99     CERF Certification Number
RO-99999E99F-T     OFA Hip Certification Number
RO-CA999/99F/P-T     OFA Cardiac Certification Number
RO-EL9999-T     OFA Elbow Certification Number
RO-PA99/99/F-T     OFA Patellar Certification Number
RO-TH9/99F-T     OFA Thyroid Certification Number
ROF     Retrieve on the Flat
ROH     Retrieve over the High Jump
ROM     Register of Merit
RS'(yr)     Sieger/Siegerin, Winner of Title at Regional Sieger Show
RTD     Registered Therapy Dog
RtH     Rettungschund, Rescue Dog
RYS'(yr)     Youth Sieger/Siegerin, Winner of title at Regional Sieger Show
RWD     Reserve Winner's Dog
RWB     Reserve Winner's Bitch

S     Superior Performance, prefixed to NADAC Agility Titles
SA     Select Adult Winner
SAD     Superior JFF Agility Title
SC     Senior Courser
SchHA     Obedience and Protection portion of Schutzhund, No tracking
SchH I     Elementary level Schutzhund title
SchH1    Elementary level Schutzhund title
SchH II     Intermediate level Schutzhund title
SchH2     Intermediate level Schutzhund title
SchH III     Advanced level Schutzhund title
SchH3     Advanced level Schutzhund title
Select     Judges Award of Merit  National Specialty Only
SG     Sehr Gut - A German rating of Very Good
SH     Senior Hunter
SK 1     IPO 1 Equivalent from Finland
SM     Snooker Master (USDAA) Agility Titles
SPH     FH Equivalent from Holland
SR     Started Retriever (NAHRA) Hunt Test Titles
STD     Started Trial Dog ASCA Herding titles
SWD     Senior Working Dog (AWSFA) Working certificates
SY     Select Youth, Winner of title at Club Conformation Show
SZL 1, 2 & 3     Schutzhund Equivalent from Holland

TD     Tracking Dog
TD     Therapy Dog
TDD    Team draft dog
TDI     Therapy Dog International
TDX     Tracking Dog Excellent
TT     Temperament Tested

U-AGI     Agility I
U-AGII     Agility II
U-ACH    Agility Champion
U-ACHX     Agility Champion Excellent
U-CD     Companion Dog (UKC)
U-CDX     Companion Dog Excellent (UKC)
U-OTCh     Obedience Trial Champion
U-UD     Utility Dog (UKC)
UCI     Union Cynologie International
UD     Utility Dog
UDT     Utility Dog title with a Tracking Dog title
UDTX     Utility Dog title with a Tracking Dog Excellent title
UDVST     Utility Dog title/Variable Surface Tracking title
UDX     Utility Dog Excellent
UKC     United Kennel Club
USA     United Schutzhund Club of America Organization
USDAA     United States Dog Agility Association
USRC     United States Rottweiler Club
UTD     Urban Tracking Dog
UTDX     Urban Tracking Dog Excellent

-V     Veterans suffix to any NADAC Agility Title
V     Vorzuglich, Excellent Rating at a European style Rottweiler Show
V-Rated    Vorzuglich, Excellent Rating at a European style Rottweiler Show
V-1     Excellent Rating First Place Winner at Sieger Show
V-2     Excellent Rating Second Place Winner at Sieger Show
V-3     Excellent Rating Third Place Winner at Sieger Show
V-4     Excellent Rating Fouth Place Winner at Sieger Show
VAD     Veteran Agility Dog
VAAD     Veteran Advanced Agility Dog
VDH     Verband fur das Deutsche Hundewesen
VG     Veterans Gambler Agility
VH 1, 2 & 3     Schutzhund Equivalent from Holland
Vice Sieger     Runner up (Second) to show Sieger Title
Vice Siegerin     Runner up (Second) to show Siegerin Title
Vice Youth Sieger     Runner up (Second) to show Youth Sieger Title
Vice Youth Siegerin     Runner up (Second) to show Youth Siegerin Title
VJ     Veterans Jumper
VMAD     Veteran Master Agility Dog
VPD     Veteran Performance Dog Agility
VPG I     Elementary level Schutzhund title
VPG1     Elementary level Schutzhund title
VPG II     Intermediate level Schutzhund title
VPG2     Intermediate level Schutzhund title
VPG III     Advanced level Schutzhund title
VPG3     Advanced level Schutzhund title
VS     Veterans Snooker Agility
VST     Variable Surface Tracking

WB     Winner's Bitch (takes the points)
WC     Working Certificate
WCI     Working Certificate Intermediate
WCX     Working Certificate Excellent
WD     Winner's Dog (takes the points)
WD     Working Dog (AWSC) Working certificates
WD     Water dog
WDA     Working Dog Association
WDQ     working dog qualified
WDS     Working Dog Superior
WDX     Working Dog Excellent
WH     Watchdog
WR     Working Retriever
WRD     Water rescue dog (NCA)
WS'(yr)     World Sieger
WJS'(yr)     World Youth Sieger
WTCH     Working Trial Champion-prefix ASCA Herding titles

ZFH     Customs Tracking Dog
ZH 1, 2 & 3     Customs Dog
ZtP     Zuchttanglichkeitsprunfung, Breed Suitability Test
ZtPr     German breed suitability test, includes measuring weighing & character testing
ZVV 1, 2, & 3     Schutzhund Equivalent from Hungary, Czech and Poland