Ipo Valuation Homework Calculation

Ipo valuation homework calculation

Preference Shares are issued by corporations or companies with the primary aim of generating funds.

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A preference share usually carries a fixed stated rate of dividend. The dividend is payable only upon availability of profits.

Ipo valuation homework calculation

In case of cumulative preference shares, arrears of dividends can be accumulated and in the year of profits common stock holders can be paid dividend only upon settlement of all the arrears of cumulative preference dividends.

Preference share holders have preference right over payment of dividend and settlement of principal amount upon liquidation, over common share holders. A preference share can be irredeemable or redeemable.

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Redeemable preference shares have a fixed maturity date and irredeemable preference shares have perpetual life with only dividend payments periodically upon profit availability.

Preference shares can also be cumulative and non-cumulative.

Valuation of Preference Shares

Basically, the value of a redeemable preference share is the present value of all the future expected dividend payments and the maturity value, discounted at the required return on preference shares.

Ipo valuation homework calculation

Redeemable Preference share value


Dividend 1 to n = Dividends in periods 1 to n.

The value of an irredeemable preference share can be expressed as follows:


Let us assume the face value of the preference share is $500 and the stated dividend rate is 12%.

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The shares are redeemable after 5 years period. Calculate the value of preference shares if the required rate of return is 13%.

Annual dividend = $500 x 12% = $60

Redeemable Preference share value =

Solving for the above equation, we get the value of the preference shares as $482 (rounded).

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Ipo valuation homework calculation

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Ipo valuation homework calculation

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Ipo valuation homework calculation