Ipoe Protocol Zyxel C1100z

Ipoe protocol zyxel c1100z

Connection Status for the ZyXEL C1100ZRouter Sceenshot

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CenturyLink Modem Configuration CenturyLink® Modem Configuration ZyXEL C1000Z CenturyLink.com help Connection Status Connection Status Connection Status Connection Status CenturyLink Line 2: Internet: Connect Disconnect Modem Status Modem Parameter Status Firmware Version: CZW003- Model Number: C1100Z Hardware Revision: A0B Serial Number: WAN MAC Address: Downstream Rate: 11.806 Mbps Upstream Rate: 0.923 Mbps DSL Line Status: ISP Protocol: IPoE Encapsulation: PPP User Name: IP Connection Type: Dynamic IP Modem IPv4 Address: DNS Address #1: DNS Address #2: Modem IPv6 Address: DNSv6 Address #1: DNSv6 Address #2: Copyright © 2015, CenturyLink Inc., All Rights Reserved.

Upgrading the firmware on the ZyXEL PK5001Z modem