Legion Capital Ipo Update

Legion capital ipo update

Legion Capital is in the process of going public by IPO under Regulation A+ and has applied to be traded on the Nasdaq exchange. Please check back frequently for updates on the Legion IPO!

Who We Serve

As a leader in the Private Equity industry – we aim to provide valuable solutions for the company in question, their community and society as a whole, and the investors making it happen financially.

Legion capital ipo update

As these companies grow and develop in the long term, we will continue to create more jobs to benefit surrounding communities – while offering an impressive return for our investors.

Long Term Returns

We are always looking for new projects to apply our basket of expertise and intellectual capital towards.

Legion often seek’s controlling interest in companies that can play a vital role as a ‘partner’, or aid to another Legion Business. This way of doing business allows us to focus on the long term – and building a profitable and successful private equity firm.

Legion Capital IPO