Thule Ipo Financial Advisor

Thule ipo financial advisor

IPO & Listing Advisory Services

We believe raising permanent capital through an Initial Public Offering (‘IPO’) is a natural progression for an enterprise who wants to achieve an edge over its competitors, to reach next level and to unlock the hidden valuation of its business, goodwill, brand image etc.

IPO process is an event occurs once in the life time of any company, from start to a successful end, is a very crucial process and requires high skills.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) Process

During this complete process, the management needs an independent advisor like Jainco who can provide an unbiased advice during the complete process. We save lot of management valuable time which should be deployed in only productive key activities during the complete IPO process.

We as an advisor consider all important aspects for a successful IPO. Sound advice and thorough planning is very critical for a successful IPO activity.

Thule ipo financial advisor

Jainco would endeavor to devise the best possible strategy on IPO Structure, Issue Pricing and provide full support during the entire IPO process. With our specialized services for IPO Planning / Readiness / Preparedness, the management can be facilitated to take informed decision.

Thule ipo financial advisor

We keep the company ready in all compliances, business and capital structuring, system and process & strategy in place before approaching the merchant banker(s) for the IPO.

Some of our key services in IPO Preparedness Advisory are:

  • All aspects of pre-IPO Planning
  • IPO readiness assessment
  • Balance Sheet advising and presentation of Balance Sheet
  • Review and diligence of the Company’s business plan
  • Advising company to comply with various compliances along with additional applicable regulatory provisions of listing through IPO
  • Advising the company in capital structuring, pre issue and post issue share holding
  • Advising on quantum of issue, promoter’s contribution, pricing and ideal funding structure of the company
  • Advising on matters to be discussed and resolutions to be passed in board meeting
  • To prepare Information Memorandum / Presentation for approaching Merchant Banker(s)