Too Late To Invest In Uber Before Ipo

Too late to invest in uber before ipo

Too late to invest in uber before ipo

I wouldn’t touch either of these companies AIDS / Ebola / Black Plague infected IPOs with a ten foot pole while wearing latex gloves.

Neither of these companies have given any kind of guidance (apart from the driverless nonsense that’s being discredited more and more each day) as to how they will become sustainable, let alone profitable.

When the IPO becomes official, both companies will be legally obliged to open the ledgers for the public to see; and my prediction is that the smart money types won’t like what they see and will have second thoughts.

Only giddy-headed retail investors…like you fellows, will be gobbling up this IPO.

On the first day of trading, the share price will immediately tank a few minutes after the opening bell and will never recover as current Uber / Lyft pre-IPO investors try desperately to unload their share onto any sucker willing to buy them.

When what I say comes to fruition, remember that I’m the one who told you.

Uber is not a growth company, says billionaire investor Mark Cuban

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