Uniti Wireless Ipo Price

Uniti wireless ipo price

I joined many months ago and since then it has been nothing but an absolute nightmare.
Constant dropouts weekly during the day all day.

OnMarket - Uniti Wireless Ltd IPO - ASX: UWL

I have tried many times to resolve this but when I am able to get through to speak to someone, which is not very often at all, they always promise to look into it without getting back to me. Every time I have a dropout I call but never get through to anyone always waiting up to 20 minutes for the phone to be answered and by that time I give up.

Uniti wireless ipo price

Even when I email, I don't get responses. They are always havi...Read more

ng problems with their towers with engineers going out to fix them which has become something of a weekly occurrence now.

Uniti wireless ipo price

If you want good internet and good customer service, I suggest to stay away from this one.