Trend Trading Forex Systems

Trend trading forex systems

Trend trading forex systems

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Time Frame: H1, H4.

Currency Pairs: all.


SD Alarm – a dot in a main window with an alarm;
SD Candles
Trend Magic – that “magic” is actually MaCD, blue above zero and purple below zero line … or 12/26 EMA cross … it´s all the same;
BBMaCD – no need for BB (Bollinger Bands), just MaCD, settings 144, 233, 21;


Green dot on main chart and on BBMaCD, Trend Magic blue, candles blue.
Enter with 2 or 3 positions, so you can close them at different points.
For example, if using H4, take profit @100, 200 and leave third position to trail (100 pips) until exit signal or SL.

Exit signal – you see two!

indicators change color. That is your SL too if trade goes against you.


You´ll figure it out – it´s the opposite of buy.

In the picture Trend Tradingforex systemin action.

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Trend Trading System

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